Hair Loss: Prevention

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Hair loss is a real problem suffered by both men and women. Whether it’s natural male or female pattern baldness, or heavily damaged hair; suffering them is not only troublesome, they can easily deflate the ego or lower self-esteem. The good news is that there is a way to fight it. Here are 7 simple ways to follow in order to keep thinning hair at bay or prevent hair loss from happening.

1. Pay Attention to that Diet!

This may seem like advice people would read in a weight loss program instead of a hair problem situation, but consuming foods rich in magnesium, iron and copper are great for the hair. Green, leafy veggies like kale and spinach are perfect. Also include tofu, beans and lean red meat since they contain nutrients ideal for hair growth.

2. Get Moving

Females who suffer from thinning hair can improve their physical activity and curb down the likelihood of hair loss. Most cases of women that suffer from issues with falling hair results from the fact that inadequate supply of blood is delivered from the capillaries to the hair follicles. This chokes off and kills the strand, hence, there’s falling hair. Employing proper physical activity improves circulation. Match it up with scalp massages and hair regrowth or at least a healthy mane becomes achievable.

3. Put a Wig On It!

Men and women who suffer from hair thinning problems can turn to wigs and hairpieces for support and help. Whether it’s a permanent problem or a temporary one, a wig can help provide cover as well as boost self-esteem while waiting to address the problem for the long term. Cancer patients who have to deal with hair fall, alopecia patients, as well as those who suffer from other balding problems can find the right hairpiece to aid them. If possible, ask for a professional custom fit. Also, research what the types are available and pick one that won’t further damage the hair or impede regrowth.

4. Medications or Treatments

Just because balding or thinning hair happens doesn’t mean an individual has to live with it forever. With technology evolving every day, there are plenty of amazing treatments available. Products that promote hair regrowth and produce results are in the market. Simply do some research and make sure the medication or treatment is legal as well as safe to use.

5. Zap it with Laser

Hair laser treatments are becoming more accessible to various patients. These low-level procedures work by stimulating the hair follicles, encouraging them to promote hair growth. Like any treatment, carefully do research and make sure the product is safe to use. Some of these are approved by the TGA while others aren’t, so make sure to check.

6. Surgery Can Be a Friend

One final solution to the problem of hair loss is through surgery. Although these are slightly more expensive, they do offer results almost overnight. (Or at least until after surgery is over.) It’s perfect for people who are serious about obtaining hair growth the fastest and soonest possible. When choosing this route, ensure that the surgeon chosen is reliable and has experience or specialises in this type of surgery. Do proper research. Ask friends and make sure the surgeon and clinic is fully licensed. It would also help if the patient understands how the procedure will be done and what they should expect, any good surgeon should be able to supply the information without any problem.

7. Eat a well-balanced diet

Your diet is a large contributing factor to hair loss. The genetic make-up of your hair consists of proteins, so a diet with good protein sources can support hair health. Good nutrition will boost hair health and help regrow hairs as well. Try avoiding fast food, processed food, and stick to fruits, vegetables, and meat products.

There are plenty of other treatments available out there. Whichever option is chosen, it’s necessary to know the details of the procedure or solution beforehand to ensure it will be safe and suitable for the problem.

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